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Coast's high-rise cleaners back in swing

Tanya Westthorp   |  April 29th, 2010

Jason Baston part owner of Sparkling Windows cleans the Dorchester On The Beach, Surfers Paradise now that clear skies are finally back. Pic: Jay Nel-McIntosh

THE sunny Gold Coast weather has finally returned, just as the southern states start to get their first dose of chilly winter weather.

High-rise window cleaners, including Jason Baston, grabbed the chance to get back out abseiling down Surfers Paradise towers after several weeks of gloomy weather hampered him.

Mr Baston said the rain and wind made it hard to scale the high-rise buildings,but this week's burst of sun had given him the chance to get on with the job.

Window cleaners were also scaling the Q1 this week. 

The Weather Channel senior meteorologist Dick Whitaker said the Gold Coast was finally reclaiming its 'beautiful one day, perfect the next' status while a burst of winter weather hit down south.

"A lot of signs we are seeing is that the dry season is arriving on the Gold Coast," he said.

"Tasmania has been getting tremendously powerful winds across most of the state -- there were 143km/h winds recorded at MountWellington, which is a category two cyclone.

"Melbourne is also having cloud and showers and Adelaide is getting milder weather."

The outlook for the Gold Coast looks good heading into the long weekend.Today will be fine with a maximum of 28C and Friday will see some cloud reaching 27C while the weekend promises similar weather with a top of 26C. 


9 SEPTEMBER 2009  


  As this year's Swell Sculpture Festival quickly approaches, some little hands have been at work creating an art installation from household waste.

Now in its seventh year, the festival will display up to 50 sculptures along the Gold  Coast's Currumbin Beach ocean walkway from 11-20 September.

One of these sculptures will be a drape over the iconic Currumbin Rock, covered with up to 6000 flowers, made from 3000 recycled plastic bottles.

Professional Artist Lynne Adams is facilitating the Swell Kids sculpture project, which involves 960 Currumbin Primary School students

"I was a bit nervous at first but working with the kids is one of the best things I've ever done. It's been such a rewarding experience for all of us.

"The program is important to me because as individuals I think  we need to stick together and have a sense of  belonging, and enjoy participation within the community," she says.

Lynne has been recycling from a very young age, and says the project makes learning about the serious issues of consumerism and waste fun.

"This is an exciting way for children to reconsider the environmental message: reuse, reduce and recycle.

"The kids are having a great time, and since starting the project they've been recycling at home a lot more."

The sculpture will be installed by professional rock climbers on Wednesday    9 September.

Listen to ABC Coast FM's Karin von Behrens chatting to Lynne and the children at the flower making workshops

Check out other Art work at Currumbin Beach this week from 11th - 20th September

Swell Sculpture Festival




Gold Coast BulletinAugust7th, 2009

by Stephanie Bedo and
Danielle Pickersgill

JEREMY Fisher has gone from working in a New York office to admiring the spectacular views the Gold Coast has to offer.

Yesterday the window cleaner with Sparkling Windows stood on ledges 40 floors up at the Break Free Peninsula high rise in Surfers Paradise, taking in the beautiful weather that has been gracing the Coast.

The city has not been hit with a rainy day in weeks and those with out door jobs are loving it.

Mr Fisher said the weather had been perfect for window washing.

"I used to work in an office in New York City,so to come here was a good change and this is a great location," he said.

"I can see the weather coming in and you get a nice sunrise over the water. It's beautiful."

The former American has been living on the Coast for five years and said he loved his job.

Mr Fisher said he was working in a window washer's paradise and people often commented on his job.

"You just don't look down," he said.

"Sometimes the air-conditioning unit takes up the whole ledge, so you have to go around it.

"You've just got to be careful and trust the system."

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Gavin Holcombe said Gold Coasters could expect the clear skies and pleasant temperatures to stick around until next week.

"We will see a bit of cloud start to develop late on Sunday but it won't be much, the same as we've seen this week," he said.

American exchange students Brian Lutzow, Will Buckhout, Andy Kolkhorst and Steven Benoy arrived on the Coast three weeks ago and said they had been at the beach soaking up the sun ever since.

"When we don't have class, we come to the beach every day," said Mr Benoy.

"It hasn't rained since we've been on the Gold Coast.

"We're living the dream here."

Tiger Moth Joy Rides chief pilot Geoff Stillman said the weather had boosted business. Mr Stillman said they had taken out about 20 flights this week when they would normally have done six.

"We get a lot more people when the weather is good and you can see fromByron Bay to Brisbane on a clear day,"he said. "When it's calm and there's no wind, you can see whales and dolphins."

Mr Stillman hoped it would last.

"The weather has been terrible this year, so it's good to see nice winter sunshine like this."


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