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Glass Stain Types - Definitions


Sprinkler Stain: This stain is caused by a sprinkler system placed to close to the glass. The spay is directed in such away that it his on a regular basis. These stains can also be developed from winds that blow the water on the glass over a period of time. Calcium salts or magnesium from local water system cause most sprinkler stains (bore water or spear pump water are  a cause of some stains)

Shower glass Stain: This stain is caused by the continued spay of water hitting the internal surface of glass shower on a regular basis. This water often left to dry with deposits soap scum, calcium salts or magnesium from local water system. If this stain is left for long periods it can cause corrosion to the glass that can cause damage that cannot be removed. Getting to this stain early is very vital as it can be very expensive to replace shower glass. Sparkling windows can often examine the glass and see whether the stain can be removed. Sparkling Windows can also put a coating on the glass that can last up 10years to prevent future stains from returning.

Condensation Stain: This stain is caused by water collecting under the first few inches of a window frame along along the top. The sun does not evaporate the morning dew and over time this can cause a stain.

Building Run-off Stain: The minerals present in building materials such as limestone, cement, brick or other materials leaching on to the glass surface after rain cause this stain.

Chemical Stain: This stain caused by chemical residue from certain cleaning solutions left to dry on the surface or reaction from the chemical upon application.

We can also coat glass surfaces to prevent future staining


Glass Stain Removal

A Standard Cleaning is the process of washing all glass surfaces with a brush/scrubber with soap solution followed by its removal by squeegee. This is not expected to remove paint, sealants or glass stain damage (reprint from International Windows Cleaning Association, Glass Stain Seminar)

Glass stain removal is not a standard process - of window cleaning service. The reason for this is the amount of time and chemicals needed to address the problem. Asking a window cleaning contractor to remove stains as part of a Standard Cleaning is like brushing your teeth after 1 year and expecting to remove plaque.

The lack of regular maintenance program allows minerals and chemicals to etch or build up on the glass surface and in some cases cause permanent damage. This condition can be caused by a number of reasons including but not limited to sprinkler systems over spray, water run off from building design, condensation and improper chemical application from prior attempts to remove the stains.

The cost of removal can be substantial, although it is much less than the cost of replacement. Many times it is not possible to recover the full extent of damage or determine the price of removal until a Standard Cleaning is performed and viewed by the customer and window - cleaner contractor. SPARKLING WINDOW CLEANING will inspect the project with the customer to confirm the stains and perform tests in areas agreed upon by customer to determine to what extent 



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