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We supply households with satisfaction guaranteed service, providing clean windows, flyscreens and tracts etc. Other services include exterior waterblasting or soft wash (water fed pole)

Apartments Units
In all areas of the Gold Coast Sparkling Windows has provided a professional window cleaning service. Holiday accommodation requires a regular clean because of the abundance of tourists visiting the coast.

Hi-Rise Buildings
Building Managers have appreciated buildings to be cleaned on regular intervals and with very little disruption to their guests. Sparkling Windows always does its best in accommodating the needs of each individual building through the availability of an abseiler that is certified with use of TRAC (Technical Rope Access Concept).

´The system is very safe. You are attached by two ropes, one a work line, the other a safety line, and these are attached to two separate anchor points on the building. The system is useful for difficult-to-access areas on high and low-rise buildings and structures, and is capable of replacing scaffolding as a means of access. This allows access to all windows from the exterior of a building instead of having to gain access to individual units that can become an inconvenience to some guests´.

Whether a Resort is a low-rise building or hi-rise, window cleaning has not produced a problem for Sparkling Windows. We also have been able to work around events that frequent the Gold Coast such as the GP Car Race and other high attention events such as Swells Festival We work odd hours to prevent little disruption to visiting guests.

Many shops throughout the Gold Coast require regular maintenance on their shop fronts to keep a good appearance to the many customers and visitors to the Gold Coast. We have provided many with a Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly service depending on their needs, and we can provide competitive prices that have impressed many retail managers.

We have provided many businesses throughout the Gold Coast with a professional service along with very competitive prices. We have often been able to provide a service that causes no disruption to their business by cleaning their windows out of business hours so as to prevent any discomfort to people that frequent their buildings.

Shower Screens

Our valued customers often comment about the trouble with staining on their shower glass. We at Sparkling Windows can often remove this build up of magnesium, calcium and soap scum. We can also apply a protective coating on shower glass to prevent future damage and staining. Protective coatings can last up to 3- 5 years depending on the age of the glass also this protective coating makes it 90% easier to clean.

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